Innkeepers Membership, Regulation and Ethics


Membership Benefits

    * hot-linked property listing will increase your own website's popularity score with search engines such as Google and AltaVista
    * Free upgraded page rank for listing on and - where appropriate - free listings on and related sites or (as appropriate) and related sites

Memberships Explained

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  1. This Lodging inter-referral network offers our guests a choice of consistent quality hospitality and comfort while traveling from one locale to another both en-route to, or departing from a member's establishment.
  2. Paid membership is *$135 for the first year and *$85 for each subsequent year.
  3. Memberships are limited to one outstanding property per category - bed and breakfast, lodge, resort, vacation rental - in any given geographical area.
  4. Preference is always given to water front and/or nature and/or historical settings.
  5. Accepted members must place the logo and drop-down menu as found at on their home page - no exceptions. Any site found to be in contravention of this will loose their membership without notice. Only possibility of re-instatement will be with a new Paid Membership.
  6. All members must have their own domains - we can secure you one for US$8.00 and host it for you for CAD$8.95 per month.
  7. This referal network began in 1997 on the West Coast including California, Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington and Alberta. As of June 2007 applications will be accepted for all of North America, New Zealand and Australia.

Guest Complaint Resolution Process

Should the guest have an unpleasant experience with a member InnKeeper the following procedure should be followed:

  1. The complainant e-mails the InnKeeper;
  2. If, after 10 days, the Complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the guest then an e-mail saying so along with the original complaint should be forwarded to
  3. will invite the InnKeeper to e-mail their response within 5 days;
  4. If no response is received the InnKeeper's membership will be cancelled without further notice;
  5. If a response is received from the InnKeeper then the following procedure will ensue:If a response is received from the InnKeeper then the following procedure will ensue:
    • in the case of a Free InnKeeper Membership a unilateral, non-appealable decision concerning continued membership status will be made by webmaster at
    • in the case of all Paid Memberships a panel of 5 members will be convened to make a decision concerning continued membership status. A panel decision by majority vote will be binding upon all parties subject to appeal.
    • appeals by either side must be lodged by e-mail within 5 days to webmaster at and copied to the Respondent. The webmaster at will consider all appeals and adjudicate same within 5 days of receiving the appeal. No partial refunds will be made under any circumstances.

Regulations & Ethics

  1. High standard of cleanliness and friendliness.
  2. Good quality of furnishings.
  3. Adequate number of bathrooms and hot water, quality fixtures.
  4. Fresh linens and towels for each guest.
  5. Entries well lit, opening windows complete with screens and curtains or blinds.
  6. Bedrooms with opening windows complete with screens and curtains or blinds.
  7. Grounds well maintained and free of hazards.
  8. Accommodation, services, meals and prices consistent with advertising.
  9. Reasonable deposit and cancellation policy.
  10. Friendly guidance and assistance to guests concerning local attractions, places of interest, and travel information.
  11. Attic/basement accommodation is unacceptable.
  12. Licensed by proper authority.
  13. Complies with local / territorial / provincial / state bylaws.
  14. Complies with local / territorial / provincial / state health and safety codes.
  15. Carries adequate liability insurance.
  16. Fire extinguisher in all hallways
  17. Smoke detector in each bedroom.
  18. Respond to all guest complaints verbally or in writing.

Our standards are high...

...if you can meet them and wish to be considered for membership then please apply to join